What's the most Bluetooth devices you've ran through zwift companion on Android?

How many Bluetooth devices can Zwift Companion Handle on Android ?

I’m asking this as with the addition of the Elite Sterzo to the zwift family I struggled yesterday to connect this along with my Garmin BT heart rate monitor and my Elite Drivo with cadence. I think that comes to 4 if my cadence (although through the turbo) is treated as a separate connection.

Has anyone else managed to connect more than 3/4 BT devices ?

I’m guessing along with what I’ve mentioned above you could also have a BT power meter as well … The list grows :roll_eyes:

Hi Al, I know I’m a year late to your post but I thought I’d share my long-term (18 month) experience. I run Zwift through an Apple TV 4K and all connections run via the Companion app on my iPhone XS. I have 4 simultaneous connections at all times: Wahoo Kickr Snap, Wahoo Tickr, Wahoo Cadence sensor and Elite Sterzo. I find issues, of any kind, arise approx. 20% of the time. I don’t know what the true cause of each issue is, ie: Hardware, Software or BT connection but what is evident is a lag between change in gradient, resistance in ERG mode, or power output between the Kickr and the game. I can only assume this is directly related to the Companion app handling the load of the BT connections then relaying it to the Apple TV.
Notably I’m experiencing a lack of variation in resistance in the trainer when in ERG mode. It is very hit and miss which makes trainings difficult.
How are your finding things? I’m considering implementing a computer of sorts that can handle all connections. Alternatively hooking my screen up to an ipad/iphone but that might make using the menus difficult during a ride.

At the moment, none (reliably) for me, at least.