Multiple Pain Cave Bikes

I have two zwift bikes set up side by side. When both are being used, BLE (Bluetooth low energy) communications are disrupted. I have seen professional setups for the prologue at the 2019 Giro and elsewhere, how were multiple bikes setup without significant interruptions occurring?

What trainer are you using?

I originally thought I had bluetooth interference between two Elite Zumo trainers, but the problem turned out to be the first trainer that was powered on would connect via bluetooth to the second trainer and use it as a power meter, causing the second trainer to be invisible to Zwift. I had to disable ‘power meter link’ on both trainers via the Elite app to stop it.

I have a wahoo kickr18, a wahoo kicker bike, 2 tickr HRM, a wahoo headwind, wiFi and a Bluetooth keyboard all in the same room. All works well with one person riding, but not two ppl. I’d love to know how the giro prologue last year was set up with all those pros riding Zwift side by side in that hotel conference room. I could do the same way.

Are you connecting to separate entities of Zwift (ATV or computers) or trying to connect to the same TV? BLE is supposed to have up to 8 connections but not sure how Zwift would handle that. Might try connecting one device via Ant+ if possible.

I would be very interested in a solution to this as well. My wife and I have a similar problem. We are both on Tacx Neos, she’s on TrainerRoad (TR), I am on Zwift. While she is on TR (iPad with Wahoo Ant+ dongle) everything is fine. I enter the room and start zwifting (Mac, Ant+ dongle with extension cable), TR always performs auto-stops due to a lost power signal.

I think it is the Companion App on my iPhone that causes the signal dropouts. Once I close the Companion App, the problem seems to disappear (although the Companion App does not seem to interfere with my own power signal). So we either can’t train at the same time, or I am a douchebag who doesn’t gives ride ons :slight_smile: