Simultaneous Zwift Connection Issues

When I (User A) use Zwift, I connect using a Windows based laptop with Zwift application and connect power, cadence, and HR via Bluetooth and Wahoo unit is connected via ANT.

My roommate (User B) connects to Zwift using an Apple TV. His power, cadence, HR are connected via Bluetooth and Tacx Neo or Wahoo unit via Zwift iPad Companion. No ANT connections are utilized by User B.

We did not have any issues riding simultaneously prior to approximately December 2020, but it seems that potentially an upgrade caused the following regression error:

  • Scenario 1: User B starts riding first, then both users can connect to Zwift with no issues.

  • Scenario 2: If User A starts riding first, then User B can connect to Zwift but receives “Connected - No Signal” error messages for power, cadence, HR, and Smart trainer.

User A must stop riding and allow User B to connect to Zwift so that power, cadence, HR, and the Tacx unit can connect with an appropriate signal. After User B’s devises are connected, User A can connect to Zwift again and have both Users riding simultaneously.

Any ideas what has occurred or how to troubleshoot this?


Anyone ?

In scenario 2, it sounds like user A’s laptop is grabbing the BT connection for user B. Is user B’s trainer powered on when user A starts riding? Or could user A’s phone be grabbing the other trainer?

It would be worth turning off BT on user A’s phone. Also you could try switching entirely to ANT+ for user A through a dongle and extension cable, so that you can turn off BT on user A’s laptop.

I’ll try turning off BT on User 1’s phone and laptop when I ride this evening?

One last question: Is there a limit to how many ANT connections you can have for a user…i.e. will ANT support connecting to my power/cadence, HR, and Wahoo unit at the same time? I recall that there may be a limit, but I may be mistaken.


I don’t know all the technicalities, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Your Wahoo unit can “listen” to your HR monitor at the same time that Zwift is also listening to it. BT needs exclusive pairing though (for these sorts of devices).