Interference running 2 bike setup - any help?


I spent a load of money over the summer setting up an additional bike so that my wife and I could ride at the same time during lunch breaks etc (we both tend to have the same free time to ride).

However, its a complete nightmare to get both bikes working (and stay working). Drops out are so frequent its impossible to ride, cant even contemplate both doing an event or group ride at the same time. Then after the drop out on many occasions the trainer will just not appear on one of the devices to even pick and start riding again. Sometimes I cannot even see my trainer upon starting zwift if my wife is logged on.

Have tried - Both BT, both ANT, one BT one ANT, one BT one BT Companion app etc… run out of combinations to try and get them to play nicely. Surely it works at the big zwift events with loads of riders so what are we doing wrong? Any advice?


What devices are you using?

Do you have the Bluetooth or ANT+ device on extension cables.

Do you have WiFi interference?

Mostly I use a PC (bluetooth built in, or ANT on a cable running to the side of my trainer, or companion app on my phone) and my wife will just use an Ipad (Bluetooth with/without also the companion app on her phone).

Tried combinations of all of the above. If I find one that works I can stick with that. I hoped that me on ANT+ her on BT, neither on companion app, would do it, but not the case.

I have seen somewhere that I can check a cfg file to remove any additional trainers its been linked to, so I could try that, not sure how to do that on an ipad - prob just uninstall/reinstall the app I guess.

I presume everything works fine on both bikes if you use them individually? It’s certainly possible to have two running side by side, that’s what my wife and I do all the time. Everything is ANT+ to PCs for us.

Yeah - the occasional drop out every so often (talking say 1in50 rides for a moment or two) , but nothing like this.

My wife likes to use the Ipad so no ANT option for her.

Kind of sounds like you’ve got devices pairing to multiple sources. If you were to run your setup with your wife’s ipad on but not running Zwift, does that still cause the issue? If not then load up Zwift on the ipad but don’t pair anything and so on and so on. It will probably be a frustrating case of trial and error to see. You’ve done lots of that already so maybe you’ve tried the above already?

On your pc there is a file called knowndevices.xml (I think - something like that) that you can delete to reset what your PC is paired to.

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Yeah tried that one, result is with ipad on, no issues. (I sometimes use it to watch TV on long rides)

If zwift running on the ipad, my trainer will appear on the devices list in there(and on my pc), and at some point during a ride, disappear from my list on the PC and no longer be selectable (but still appear on the ipad).

Ah yeah then I think you need to go the route of reinstalling Zwift on the Ipad (and hope that clears the known devices) and don’t ever pair your trainer with it.

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Thanks - I will give that a go and report back in case it helps / makes no difference :slight_smile:

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