Using Zwift 2 at the same time


We are trying to use Zwift 2 at the same time at home and have a lot of trouble trying to connect our devices. We each have our own computer and portable device, but it seems like the network can only take one at the time. We tryed it with only one bike and it worked great… 

WiFi or wired?  If WiFi, go wireless for one and wired for the other maybe.

Are you using 2 different accounts or the same one on both computers?

We are using two different accounts and on wifi

My wife and I do this all the time, both on Wifi, separate accounts.

There are problems we’ve seen with radio frequency and interference with multiple Blue Tooth and Ant+ signals, so you may want to simplify your suffer chamber topology until you get it working, then reintroduce items to the mix.

This includes smart trainers, smart phones, TV’s, speakers, power meters, head units, etc.

Also, make sure the Ant+ sensors are close to your power source.

What problems are you having?

We are using two at a time also, Both using ANT devices and over wireless. The trainers are about 2-3’ apart. We are having issues with one or the other KICKR responding improperly. (my wife was climbing Box hill, in the toughest gear and spinning with ease, typically not possible). Tomorrow we are going to separate the bikes by an additional 4’ or so and move the ANT devices closer to the trainers. I will report results after making the changes. I’m fairly confident this will solve the issues.