2 cyclists training independently but together in the same basement


Is there a primer somewhere on this specific setup? I used to train alone on Zwift with a 2019 Macbook pro via ANT and a Wahoo Kickr (first generation).

My girlfriend is new to Zwift and we want to train together in the same basement. She has a 2016 MacBook Pro and I want to purchase a standard trainer for her (not a smart trainer) such that we can train together.

What’s the best setup? And how does Zwift handle that kind of training?

Any tips/reference would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Francois_Delorme_ZRO

That should not be a issue. the biggest think is when you pair to make sure you pair with the correct trainer.


My partner and I train together in the garage; she on a wheel on smart and me ona direct drive. Two accounts, two computers works fine. Not exactly the same as you’re trying but similar - the key is the two accounts and as Gerrie said, get the pairing right

my wife and I Zwift together. We went a bit more premium and have 2 Kickr Cores, 2 appleTV’s, 2 TV’s. I have an old specialized road bike on mine, she has a trek marlin mountain bike on hers.

A few initial teething problems with what felt like 100 bluetooths all flying around the room, but now its all synced up its a pain free start up and go.

its a really good experience being able to work out together, even if most of the time we are doing different plans, or I leave her for dust due to being able to produce more power.

couples that zwift together stay together… maybe??? haha

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Thanks Phil! What is the exact trainer your wife is on? I have a Kickr but we don’t want to spend too much money on a second trainer. And are your computers connected via ANT? And last, is there a way to train together, on the same circuit, at the same time on Zwift? Thanks!

Thanks Matt. She is a newbie then I wouldn’t go for the “premium” package yet. As for the correlation between mariage duration and Zwift training, let’s hope this is true!! :wink:


I’m running a dual setup. One connected to Win10 via ANT+ and the other connected to an iPad using bluetooth.
Both are on the same wlan and 99% of the time the Win10 and iPad remembers the correct pairing when I turn them on, so you shouldn’t really experience any issues.


We’re actually running two Smart trainers - an old Tacx Genius (wheel on) and a Neo 2T - but you can still use a dumb trainer