Best set up for 2 people in the same room

I’ve been using Zwift for years with my Wahoo Kickr. My wife would like to get a smart trainer as well so we can train side by side. In researching the existing discussion on Zwift forums it seems to be fairly complicated. We want the simplest set up to accomplish our goal of being able to ride side by side in the room and within the courses in Zwift(onscreen).
Please advise.
FYI, I currently run Zwift through an apple TV connected to a Wall Mounted Monitor.

Hi Tom, I’m interested to know about this too and what makes it complicated, as I’m thinking of doing something similar in future.
I’d assumed you could just double up - two trainers, two computer devices (with screens). Isn’t that the case?

That sounds like our setup tow pc’s two trainers all on ant +.


There shouldn’t be any problem to have two parallel setups, just so long as whenever you’re pairing devices you take care to always pair the correct trainer.

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