Connecting 2 Riders to Zwift in SAME Room

I wasn’t sure where to post this or if there has been discussion bout this topic. My wife and I are both going to be on Zwift and my current setup is the following:

Wahoo Cadence BLE
Companion App on my iPad (I use my phone for Discord and music) - Yes - I use it to connect the other BLE devices that the ATV will not allow.

Occasionally, I do have some Zwift freezing issues and it frustrates me. But when it all works smoothly, it is great!

Her setup (So far)

KICKRCore (new)
Wahoo Cadence BLE
Companion App on her iPhone

I have not decided yet on which way to connect the two of us so we can ride together in the same room.

My options include:

Buy another ATV4k and use a different TV alongside the other TV
Use a computer and connect to another TV
Buy her an iPad Pro and let her use that as her monitor on her bike.

So what I want to know is, what is the best way to connect her and I in the same room, especially taking into consideration all the BLE devices in one room?

I am open to suggestions – i am ready to make the move to make it all work.


As far as the BLE devices, I would suggest the following …

  1. Let all BLE devices go to sleep by not moving them for a while (1 hour? Probably less)
  2. Activate one set of BLE devices and pair them to Zwift.
  3. Activate the other set of devices and pair them to the other Zwift.

Once BLE devices are paired, they stop advertising themselves so other computers can’t even see them.

It’s probably a good idea to note the ID of the devices that are paired with each computer running Zwift so you can re-pair them even if other devices are activated and not paired.

I’ve got a similar situation where my wife is going to start Zwifting (or so she tells me) and I have to get her setup. I’m probably going to go the laptop route and hook it up to the TV.

Thanks for the response, David. About them going to sleep – my KICKR seems to always be ON. Would you unplug it while setting up the wife’s KICKR? Or does it really “sleep” even though the blue light is flickering?

Also, anyone, I’m interested in knowing if anyone has 2 ATV setups running in the same room?

I have a Kickr too … as far as I can tell, it never goes to sleep … it doesn’t need to (since it has external power). To stop the Kickr from broadcasting, just unplug it temporarily.