Two KICKR’s in One Room two Zwift accounts


My partner and I have two kickrs, two HRMs, two cadence, two iPads and two Zwift accounts.

Only one of us can get our iPad to connect to Zwift, the other Zwift account is not picking up the kickr as soon as the one is connected.

if it matters, all devices are Wahoo (kickr, tickr, etc.)

whats the secret here? Is there a way to get both kickr’s connected on zwift.

Are you saying that the second Zwift account/ipad is not picking up anything, or that it is picking up the first set of units connected? If the former, I don’t think I have any solutions. If the latter, though, you might try:

Going to the pairing screen on the second device, which should allow you to pick from any of the available and discoverable devices.


Once you get Zwift set up on the first iPad, unplug that trainer and remove any other devises you want paired to it from the room, then connect the second trainer and bring the devices you want connected to the second account into the room. In theory, these should now be the only items the second account can pair with.

I’m not positive this will work, but it seems like it should.