Wahoo kickr +ATV +companion setup not working

I am completely confused over how to get this setup functioning after a day of stops and starts. Trying to have companion host my Bluetooth connections to ATV and leverage the nice companion app display but nowhere can I find reliable steps to follow, nor am I able to find out what “pair with Zwift Companion “ means on the Zwift ATV pairing screen.

Evaluating Zwift under free trial and getting ready to jump to another platform if this takes much longer.

Thanks for any support.

First off, why do you want to use the Zwift Companion app to connect your trainer to the game, when you could pair directly to the Zwift app through the ATV? The ATV has 2 available Bluetooth connections, and your Kickr should broadcast power and cadence on one, leaving the other open for HRM use, if you want to connect one of those. I connect my trainer (which is a Tacx Neo now, but I used to have a Kickr Core) directly to the app and it works flawlessly.


Thanks Nigel. I’m new to Zwift, and trying to understand what I have to do for stability in my setup. When I just let everything pair directly to Zwift @ATV, my HRM disconnects during my session and the companion app disconnects and reconnects randomly and often. When I try to pair via companion, I have even less success. All BLE devices are very close together and I’ve tried a myriad of troubleshooting and no success so far.

Make sense now?

More sense, but it’s always a bit of trial-and-error when trying to diagnose issues through the forum. :wink:

Is your ATV hardwired into your home network, or on WiFi? If on WiFi, please check your settings to see what channel is being used. If the router is set to ‘find the best channel’, change this to ‘use a specific channel’. Once that is selected, I would recommend either channel 1 or 11. (The reason is that if your router is set to select the ‘best’ channel it may change to a new channel while you are Zwifting, and this channel change causes a brief disconnection between your ATV and your WiFi network while everything sorts itself out. By using a fixed channel you avoid this issue.)

As a start, give that a shot and see if your stability improves.

I can definitely try that. I’ll report back in a few days of use. Thanks so much for your help, Nigel!

Put your phone in airplane mode (i.e., Wifi only). Otherwise, if the phone may switch back and forth between WiFi and cellular/mobile data which will result in the Companion app disconnects. The Companion app must be on the same WiFi as the AppleTV.