How to set up so that 2 people in the same room can cycle on the same screen?

Hi - Wanting to cycle alongside my wife together using the same screen.

I would think you would need a screen that allows 2 inputs.  You would need 2 computers (one for each you), each running the Zwift simulator and then both computers sending the video output to a screen that supported 2 inputs.  Here’s a thread speaking to that subject:

I would think a more viable setup would be for each of you to have your own separate video monitor, which are relatively cheap these days.

As Stefan mentions, there might be a hardware workaround, but no way to do it with a single computer.  So you’d need a display that supports it with two computers connected.

You can do this in a number of different ways, all of which I have used and tested to work fine with Zwift. 

  1. Get two video cards in a single PC, and attach two separate monitors or a single GPU that supports multiple outputs of the same type: two HDMI, 2 DisplayPort, 2 DVI, etc. You’ll need two separate ANT+ adapters plugged into the same PC as well.
  2. Copy the contents of C:\Program Files(x86)\Zwift to another directory somewhere else and rename ZwiftApp.exe to ZwiftApp-2.exe. 
  3. Launch the first Zwift from the normal directory as you would, pair up your first set of sensors/smart trainer.
  4. Launch the second session from the copy you made, by launching ZwiftApp-2.exe (not ZwiftLauncher.exe). Pair up the second session with your second set of bike sensors/smart trainer. 
  5. You’ll want to drag Session 1 to the first monitor you hooked up and Session 2 to the second monitor.
  6. Now you have two separate Zwift sessions running from the same PC, on two different monitors. 

The next way uses some of the first technique, but you can use PiP on your TV or monitor. Plug output of GPU 1 to TV input 1, plug output of GPU 2 to TV input 2. Now you’ve got two sessions running on Picture-in-Picture on your monitor. 

Third method uses a projector that supports PiP, same process, but you’ll plug output of GPU 1 to projector input 1, output of GPU 2 to projector input 2. Enable split-screen on your projector and you’ll be able to see two simultaneous Zwift sessions. 

I’ve actually managed to get 6 simultaneous Zwift sessions running at the same time on the same machine. You need to make sure each Zwift session has use of its own ANT+ adapter, because Zwift can’t share them across sessions and profiles. I could have done more, but I ran out of ANT+ adapters. 

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Wow.  Impressive leg work.

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Hi :slight_smile: Dumb questions alert lol!

Would my i7 processor be able to handle both zwift session at the same time easily? I just lost a motherboard and would rather not have to worry about that happening again.

Would I need two zwifts subscriptions to do this, or can the second rider ride in my existing zwift account?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The 6 sessions above, all run on my i5/32GB machine, so yes, an i7 will more than handle it. It’s not about the CPU, mostly.

You need a good GPU to get the kind of performance that will drive that many sessions. But two sessions, you should be able to get by with a average, supported GPU.

You will need enough system RAM to handle multiple sessions though, that’s important.

And yes, each session will require it’s own separate Zwift account. You can’t reuse accounts within multiple sessions. That’s not a just policy limitation, it’s because things will break if you try.


Thank you for helping me out. I do appreciate it. This is my system. I’m not very computer literate. I think this laptop has a 7200 hard drive. I’m unsure what Graphics processing unit it has but it has been handling zwift excellently so far (just one bike trainer though). I now have x2 ant smart trainers, x1 widescreen TV with x4 hdmi inputs on it, and a girlfriend who wants to ride on zwift with me lol! Do you think my system could work for this? Thanks again for your time :slight_smile: