2 or more Zwift riders on 1 computer

(Michael Cornelison (Chicago)) #1

My feature request is to have 2 or more bikes using 1 computer.

I have 2 bike one on a computrainer and the second on a regular fluid trainer. The 2nd bike also has a set of Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors. Is there a way to uses one device (my laptop) and have both bikes running in the Zwift Island? Split screen, or if I have two monitors why not display each rider in their own window?

(Howie Schulman) #2


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(Carraway Precia) #4

That would be impressive to see. I haven’t seen it on an MMO. Usually if you have 2 players in the house, you have 2 computers. But that was the old days. Hopefully there’s a way to do it now on one computer.

(Carraway Precia) #5

Another thing about split screen: How would you own separate controls for views, chatting and other things you need the keyboard?

(Michael Cornelison (Chicago)) #6

Good question about how to manage the split screens.
couple of ideas:

  1. old school: each player has a chunk (left/middle/right/keypad) of the keyboard.
  2. Add a key that rotates the “active” member that the keyboard controls work towards
  3. new school: touch screen and each player can touch their screen to activate icons for a simplified power ups/view controller/ …
  4. each player can use a “game controller” connected via USB

just my 2 cents

(Catalin Onel ZZRC (C)) #7

that would be a great feature !

(Juan Ascoli) #8

Excellent idea and this would allow my wife and I to be Zwifting while riding together on different bikes in our basement.

(George Ganoung - Otterhaus) #9

+1 this is about the only feature that keeps me still using old computrainer software over Zwift when riding with my wife.