Split Screen 2 Computrainers


I have two computrainers, is it possible to use both at the same time?

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For 2 computrainers you could probably run 2 copies of Zwift on the same PC (and resize the windows to fit how you want), but both copies would need their own log-ins and you’d need a pretty decently powerful computer.

There’s no planned support for native split screen at the moment.

For what it is worth, I also have two CT units and would use a dual run mode as well, but I understand it is an uncommon use case.

Yes, this would be great. I use a CT and the wife has a KICKR. Split screen would be nice! Will try to run two copies and see how that works…

I also have 2 CTs and would love to use Zwift with my wife just like we’ve been doing using the CT software.

I just tried running two instances of Zwift on a brand new desktop computer (Intel Core-i5 4590, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 preview 9926). The first instance starts and runs just fine. When I try to launch the second, the “Launching” splash screen comes up, but instead of “Launching” it says “Launch” and does nothing until I click on “Launch”. A few seconds after clicking on “Launch” the splash screen goes away without ever launching a second instance of Zwift. So it does not seem possible, even with a brand new relatively powerful PC.

One other observation - when I narrow the first Zwift window to half the screen to prepare for a second one, the graphics are shrunk/squeezed accordingly, making everything in Zwift appear distorted. Ideally, the field of vision should be narrowed instead, keeping everything at the proper scale and height-width ratio.

If anyone has any tips on getting side-by-side instances of Zwift to work, please share. And for the developers, a native split screen with support for 2 trainers would be a great addition.

I tried unsuccessfully as well. Fortunately both the wife and I have laptops so we just setup both laptops and rode together…