Is a split screen possible with Zwift?

 Anyone know of a way to run Zwift for 2 bikes on one screen?   Might be nice to just have one large video monitor for our 2-trainer setup at home.   Maybe some TV’s have this option?? 





Hi David,

Sorry, but Zwift does not currently support using two different avatars/accounts on one screen. It’s certainly an interesting idea though. 

The good news is that we do have a Feature Request Forum and I’d highly encourage you to visit these forums to search for similar types of suggestions that you and others may share to help improve Zwift. If you like, you can even add a request of your own.


It actually could be done by using a Virtual Machine and using Zwift in Windows Mode. I have not tried it, but there is no reason why it should not work. 

David you should look at this article.

Wow…  you hit the jackpot…  this is great!!!



Wow…  you hit the jackpot…  this is great!!!



Dave.  An easy way to run split screen is to go into your computer files.  Copy the Zwift folder to your desktop.  Go into the new folder.  Find the start up icon.  Rename that icon to Zwift2.exe.  Place a shortcut onto your desktop.

You will need to run Zwift in windowed mode.  Log first icon into windowed mode.  Log out.  Relog in original Zwift icon.  Shrink screen to desired position relative to your bike.  Open new session of zwift using icon number 2.  Log in second account.  Shrink that one to desired side.

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Here is my original post with a pic of my set up.


Ride On!

I should also add.  Both persons sessions upload to Strava with no difficulty as strava is tied to the personal account.