2 user to 1 TV screen

My wife and I are new to zwift. We have separate accounts but want to ride together and have our images appear on 1 TV screen. Is this possible? I’m not the most tech-e person so detailed instruction would help.

no not possible unless you use a laptop and split the screen however not sure how good that would be . suggest perhaps one of you use a tablet or mobile whilst other uses the tv

If your TV will do picture in picture or split screen across two inputs and you ran Zwift on two devices then it is possible.

My 8 year old cheapy TV does this no issues but you have to choose which input provides the sound out.

As others have pointed out, this isn’t really practical. You can certainly ride ‘together’ but you still need two separate devices (one to run each Zwift account). Also, you need them to display your individual speed, cadence, HR, etc. and (assuming you are using ‘smart’ trainers) control the resistance independently for each of you based on your weights, trainer difficulty settings etc.

If you can do the spit TV screen (e.g. HDMI cables out from each laptop to separate HDMI inputs on the same TV) - then that might be an option. It depends on your TV’s capability and size, because it might be hard to see the full displays on half a screen.

The easiest and most straightforward way to acheive what I think you want to do is to run an HDMI cable (or use wifi screen mirroring) from ONE account to your TV. Then, start riding in Zwift with that account. Let’s say that one is yours…

Then, your wife can sign into Zwift on the second device and opt to ‘ride with’ you. (https://zwift.com/news/5082-zwift-how-to-joining-a-zwifter-on-a-ride)

When she ‘joins’, she’ll appear in the game somewhere nearby your avatar and will have to get up to speed rather quickly. It’s probably best if you aren’t hammering away or halfway up a steep climb when she joins.

You’ll also have to learn to ride at a similar pace to keep from riding apart and - lastly - pay attention at intersections! Just because you select to ‘ride with’ another does not guarantee you’ll stay together at turns. You can minimize the effect of this by being careful to have the same ‘route’ selected when each of you starts Zwift.

If you do all that, you should be able to see your avatars riding side-by-side on the big screen in one instance of the game while still keeping track of your personal displays separately on your laptop, ipad, iphone, or whatever you’re using to run Zwift.

Hope that helps somewhat!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

From the Internet Archive:

HOWTO: Run multiple Zwift sessions on the same PC (Windows only)

Here’s a Chris Strub recommendation from the Zwift forums archive: 2 Rider Setup

I can run two split screens with no issues. Sometimes I ride and my wife runs. She likes trainer road for riding. Yawn!.

Anyway. If you have a good enough PC with graphics card. Here is what you do.

Copy the entire Zwift folder onto your desktop. Go into the newly save folder. Rename the zwift icon to Zwift2.exe. or something which makes it different than normal icon. Place this new icon beside the other one on the desktop.

1st user log in to zwift. Go into settings and change to windowed mode. Log out.

1st user log into zwift. Pair ups sensors. Depending on side of room, drag the screen to shrink it so it only takes up half your TV.

2nd user, log in using Zwift 2 icon. Drag that screen the other way so it only uses half the screen. pair up sensors. Play with screen size to even them both out.

Continue riding zwift as you normally would.

Things to have: Two Zwift accounts. Two Ant + sensors and extension cables. Powered USB hub is a good idea when extending sensors with cables.

It’s fairly simple. I do use s 55" screen. See example below. I am in both screens.

My partner and I are currently trying to plan a 2 up Zwift setup, we are hoping to use 2 x smart trainers, 2 x Apple TV’s but one screen, this will be a new setup so hopefully we can find a TV that will allow 2 x HDMI inputs from the Apple TV’s, only problem is from previous posts on this forum it appears that Zwift has some work to do on aligning 2 users together. Rather disappointed that there isn’t a ‘family membership’ or a team membership or similar. two subscriptions is a lot!.