Two Zwift sessions on split screen - iPad

How can I set up two Zwift sessions (2 accounts / 2 riders) or more, simultaneously, from one iPad ?

You can’t. I don’t even think you can run two things side by side ever on an iPad. Correct me if I’m wrong and it’s some new function.

You can indeed run two different apps side by side on an iPad. But not many apps let you run two instances of the same app in split view - Safari, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Notes, and some other “productivity” apps are the ones that I know of

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Sweet. Another function I didn’t know I had.

@Yip_Yip I’m upvoting this request. I wouldn’t hold your breath though, I didn’t even think you can get two instances of zwift on a PC (last I looked anyway).

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Thanks @Ben_Brawn

Thanks @Pete

I’ve heard you can use multiple video cards in a single PC, and attach two separate monitors or a single GPU that supports multiple outputs of the same type: two HDMI, 2 DisplayPort, 2 DVI, etc., with two separate ANT+ adapters plugged into the same PC as well… I didn’t know if there was a solution for iOS. Thanks for the up-vote