Split Screen on Zwift using gaming Desktop and Epsom split screen projector?

(. SirVelo.) #1


I have a gaming desktop GTX950 video card with 8gb ram and a epsom projector with split screen function.

Has anybody tried to run two games at once? I want to set up the ultimate man cave with the wahoo kicker and Neo I have. 

Or just run two laptops due to Ant plus issues?

Any help appreciated.






(Matt Canna) #2

Chuck you can not run 2 games at once using one computer, set up in a conventional method.

You need to configure your computer that allows multithreading.



see youtube video above.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi SirVelo, 

Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment but the good news is that we’re looking into it. Let me create another request, more we get, more attention it will gain. Hopefully you’ll be able to run Zwift this way in future but in meantime you will need two computer :/ 

Thank you very much for your question and RideOn!