Multiple Zwifters on one internet connection.

Once the Beta is over I’d really like to set up my cave with 2, maybe even 3 Kickr’s and have friends and teammates over to the cave for winter training. Has anyone out there ran 2 or 3 Zwift accounts at the same time on the same broadband connection? How did it work? Any issues with the ANT signals?

Check out this question: According to Eric, there is no problem with multiple Zwift clients on the same broadband connection. I’ve ridden on group rides with (probably) hundreds of ANT+ devices, so I don’t think this would be an issue either. The only issue I can think of is the Zwift mobile apps. I have no had a chance to experiment with the app yet, so I do not know how it would react to multiple clients in the same subnet.

I’m the one that posted the original question @Kyle Polanksy linked to. I can tell you that two different computers running Zwift on the same broadband connection works just fine. And my broadband is pretty crappy, only about 3mb/sec on good days. The mobile apps also work fine since it’s linked to an individual’s Zwift account.

You should have no problem at all with multiple bikes and kickrs in the same room. ANT+ is designed for crowded sensor environments.

I can also confirm it works just fine. I almost never ride alone.

Yup. We all ride in office on the same connection :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the data bandwidth is pretty small relative to most internet connections. They aren’t streaming the video, just data about the riders performance and location. All the drawing is happening locally. The biggest issue would probably be if you have high latency (time it takes to make a request and get a response) which would cause jerkiness. Using a cell phone as a hotspot for wifi might cause this but still probably wouldn’t be an issue.

My wife and I can’t seem to get our independent Zwift accounts to pair with our respective Magnus CycleOps trainers (we have two of them).  If I’m on, she can’t connect.  If she’s on, mine won’t pair (assuming she pairs hers first).  I have an iPad and she also uses a smaller iPad.  I’ve tried turning off WiFi and running Zwift over cellular only… no luck.  Anyone else encounter this?