Can one dongle share 2 trainers?

I have a Cycle Ops trainer that I just set up and want to add an Elite Qubo Fluid trainer, can I use the current one dongle for both or do I need one dongle to control each trainer?  

Also, can my wife and I both be logged in to the same game on the same laptop and ride together?


Thanks in advance

What I’ve found, is that each ANT+ dongle controls one and only one Zwift session. You can have a single bike + trainer + sensors controlling multiple Zwift sessions, but they must have their own ANT+ dongle mapped to them in order for that to work. 

In other words, if you have two machines, each with their own ANT+ adapter, your 1 bike and 1 trainer can simultaneously control 2 separate Zwift sessions at the same time, one each running on each PC. 

You can also run 2 Zwift sessions on the same PC, if you plug both ANT+ adapters into the same machine, and pair each Zwift session to your bike+trainer. This lets you run two simultaneous Zwift profiles at the same time on the same machine, tied back to your 1 bike and 1 trainer. 

Does that make sense?

Hey, Eric.

We do not support what would be considered a local multiplayer mode, which is to say we only support one user logged into Zwift on one computer at a time. To ride with your wife, you would need a second computer and a second ANT+ dongle.

We do not recommend ANYONE run two sessions concurrently. This can lead to data loss, bad logging, and and a mountain of further problems.

Thanks you two, I’ll be all set when my second dongle arrives tomorrow, looking forward to getting busy on this.