Can’t Ride With Hubby

Hi folks! My husband and I both use Zwift, almost on a daily basis. However, riding together is really problematic.

Our bike setups are in two different rooms (granted, it’s a small house). He’s on a kickr and I have a Tacx Neo2. We both use Apple 4G TV’s. However, we are close enough that our BT connections interfere with each other. We’ve tried all kinds of combinations using iPhones, connecting with ZC, and MBPs as well as the AppleTV, but connection for whoever is not on their bike first remains problematic.

Is there a solution for this? Should I invest in an ant dongle for my computer? Would that work?

Switching one setup to a different device and Ant+ might work. Have you tried getting one setup rolling before attempting to pair the second?

Hi! Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I’ve tried that. We try getting up simultaneously as well as having one up and riding. (Very frustrating when I have an upcoming TTT and he’s on a workout.) I’ve also tried using different devices (aka, computer, Zwift Companion) but I haven’t tried the Ant+ yet. That’s why I posted this. Before I buy it (and probably an adapter because my MBP is 2020 and nothing fits those ports directly) I’d like to know if anyone else has this problem and how they solved it.

I’ve got a teammate who solved it by connecting their AppleTV to Ethernet, but our router is in another room. I really want to avoid carpentry projects just to use Zwift.

You know, LAN cables can be up to 100m.
You could just plug it in for zwifting and if you don’t need it, unplug and put away.

Oh!! That would work! 100m would cover the house and half the neighborhood.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the simple solution.

But I doubt it will solve your problem with the interfering BT connections.
You could try switching one system over to ANT+
Or you could try and shield one room with aluminum foil on the walls :smiley:

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There are Wireline Internet adapters that use wall sockets as the lines between rooms.


Ant+ dongles are inexpensive, Apple dongles not so much. Zwiftalizer recommends the Anself that Amazon sells for $13 US.

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Thanks for your help on this. I would like to continue to use my Apple TV, but even if I do get it cabled directly to internet, it might not work, so I’ll give the Anself with my computer a shot. Thanks so much for your help. I’ll report back whether it helps or not.


You should get a USB extension cable to go with the Anself Ant+ adapter. You want the device as close to your trainer as possible. I purchased this kit from Amazon before I saw the Zwiftalizer recommendation for Anself.

Bwahahaha! I ordered that exact thing this morning! It’s supposed to arrive Tuesday, just in time for ZRL. Thank you for your help! I’ll keep you posted.

I purchased the same from amazone few days ago.