Bluetooth Connection Strength Tips?

Have always successfully used ANT+ with a USB extension putting it right near the power meter pedals and the trainer. Have just switched the trainer to Bluetooth for virtual gearing on the Core and likewise now run the Zwift Play too, which requires a BT connection. It’s great when it works but am guessing my laptop doesn’t have a strong BT connection as am getting regular disconnects of both.

Any suggestions? I think my best options are either bridging over the Companion App (think everything on BT has to be over the app then?) or perhaps getting a second USB extension and a BT dongle to get closer to the trainer and Play?

Thanks all!

:+1: Using this for 5 years, had never problems.

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Thanks. I think I will have to figure out how to turn off the Bluetooth within the laptop but maybe that’s as simple as turning off Bluetooth in settings and the dongle then operates independently anyway? :thinking:

Also, if I use the Companion app as a bridge I think I have to connect every BT connection via that - i.e. they can’t be split between laptop/dongle and the phone app? Only wondering about this as the Play is right near the phone and the extension will ideally be right down by the trainer.

Hi @Hybrid_Noob

We have a few good tips for reducing wireless interference in our BLE and ANT+ interference troubleshooting tips support article. Though as @Milan_Rost suggested, a USB dongle may have some positive results as well.

As for your question about using the Companion App in bridge mode, you are correct, You would need to pair everything through the companion app, you aren’t able to split the connections between Zwift and the Zwift companion.

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Review the tips from @zwiftalizer

A USB Bluetooth dongle on an extension is a good idea. There have been some reports of the TP-Link adapters resolving pairing issues.

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Thanks all very helpful

go to device manager and then in the bluetooth sections there will be something that is porbably called something like “Intel wireless bluetooth” and disable the device (you can enable it again after if you need it)

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Sometimes it can also be shut off in BIOS settings

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Thanks again. Tried repositioning the router (as per the above, very helpful, video) and then bridging everything today via the Companion app with all connections being BT. This was truly horrible - couldn’t ride 10 seconds without en masse disconnects.

Eventually went back to BT on the laptop for the trainer and Zwift Play and connected everything else on ANT+ as normal. Also did away with a similarly dipping in and out BT mouse (only since the addition of the Zwift Play) and made do with the touchpad. This worked a lot better - just one brief loss of virtual gearing around the hour mark.

So this suggests my best option if I want a rock solid, happy to race with it setup with virtual gearing is probably going to be a USB extension, disable BT on the laptop, dangle a BT dongle somewhere in between the Zwift Play and the trainer.

With only one brief drop today even the current situation is fine for a group ride or, as today, a pace partner group and steering, Zwift Play functionality and virtual shifting was undoubtedly a lot of fun.

Thanks folks!