What's needed to enable Oculus Rift support?

I have an Oculus DK2 and was curious what’s needed to use it with Zwift - is there an option I need to add somewhere? I remember seeing somewhere that Zwift supported it.



It’s disabled currently. DK1 support was solid, but DK2 support is maybe 60% done and it’s pretty far down on the list of priorities at the moment. I probably want it as much as you do, but I don’t have a solid ETA on when that’ll be done.

It’s not proven to be a very practical way to get a workout in, but it’s certainly the coolest way to ride a trainer. You instantly forget you’re inside.

Fair enough - yes, I wouldn’t want to actually sweat into it, but it’d be pretty neat to play around with an easy lap around the island at some point. :slight_smile:

That’s a real shame.  Maybe its not practical for longer workouts but would love to try it our on DK2.

bump this thread up …

oculus rift released today … come on Zwift HQ make this happen!!!

can u imagine going up the new mountain with oculus … don’t worry about sweating into it etc… zwifters have come up with hacks for far more difficult problems!


Zwift please do NOT spend your valuable time on this just because it will be “cool”. Majority of Zwift users will never use it. And those who will be using it will take it off after a few minutes of riding because of the heat. There’s no point of doing it.

Oculus Rift support was put in over 2 years ago, so we’d not be “wasting our time” re-implementing it as it’s already basically done.  If we do ever release it it’d be just because it’s neat, not because it’s something we think any sizable percentage of our users would ever use.

I think you all where a little ahead of the curve back when you all put it in. I have DK2 and have hacked it out to poorly work, having it would be huge as things grow.

I would love to just be able to ride with basic view, look around function would be just an added bonus, but far from needed. Headsets are in, it won’t be long before everyone is using them for gaming, just like the idea of riding bikes in VR was seen crazy back when Zwift started. It would be nice if you all would start supporting the big three for now, just for basic viewing use vs having the feature turned off for those who want to use it.

Jon, if the support is already in Zwift can we trigger it somehow or is it solely for you guys to use at demo events? And headset support, is it Oculus Rift only or will work with a Vive or the HDK2?

I’d like to know about basic 3D as well.  I haven’t had any luck getting my Nvidia Vision 2 3D glasses to work with Zwift.  Is there a tag we can add to the prefs.xml file to enable 3D support, like <VR>1</VR> or <3D>1</3D>?