Any way to enable VR support through TriDef or VorpX?

(Anders Swanson) #1

I know Rift support is currently disabled but TriDef has provided a good VR alternative in other programs for other headsets that I wouldn’t mind sweating in. When I go to launch Zwift using TriDef I get an error that says, “This program doesn’t use DX9, 10, or 11”, I assume because Zwift is using OpenGL. Is there any way to enable a DX version of Zwift to utilize VR? Thanks!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Making Zwift run on DirectX would take a couple of months of work and I don’t see that happening this year.

I’m curious tho, what headset wouldn’t you mind sweating in?

I’ll probably release the Oculus mode sometime this summer as a test thing for the few people that have it. It’s quite an amazing experience.

(Anders Swanson) #3

Hey Jon, thank you for the response! I figured it would be a lot of work. My set up is a little funky, but it is kinda similar to this - I use TriDef to get the side by side 3D with the offset viewpoints (I primarily use it with programs like Battlefield 3 or FSX), and then I stream that to my iPhone using Splashtop. It is definitely a roundabout way but the end result is still amazing! I really want to pick up a Note 4 or S6 to give the GearVR options a try.

The latency is minimal, low enough to play an online FPS without being at a disadvantage. I’ve played around with some OpenGL -> DirectX wrappers, as well as GLDirect but I don’t want to break anything. I really hope the Oculus support for OpenGL improves as there are some other programs (like X-Plane) I’d love to see on CV1 when it is released!

(Peter Lin) #4

A poor man’s alternative to VR goggles is use a bluetooth headset with built-in accelerometer. that way on turns I can turn my head and have the view change.