Virtual reality someday?

(Cory Hammerstone) #1

Now that they are making VR “goggles”, and mentioning a lack of content holding the tech back, will zwift offer a VR viewing experience someday? I’m not a programmer, but Watopia seems like it would work since it is so intricately designed. I love the whale in the tunnel between the islands btw!

(Paul Allen) #2

Neck pain, sweat in goggles, and nausea just to name a few drawbacks. 

(Cory Hammerstone) #3

Okay, I agree with the sweat in the goggles being a drawback.

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Cory, 

In fact we can run Zwift in 3D VR already but it isn’t nowhere near to become official feature of Zwift and as Paul noted, the technology isn’t quite there yet either. However I believe it’s only matter of time, perhaps we will see vented goggles soon? :slight_smile:

Let’s wait and see, 

Ride On!