Oculus Quest 2 Support

Now that the Oculus Quest 2 is out and widely available, and at a modest price, can we revisit the Virtual Reality idea? I already use the Quest to do some upper body cardio workout; would love to be able to witness Watopia in a fully immersed way.

Please? I can beta test if necessary. =)


Any news on this?

I’ve gone over to VRfit because the experience is far more immersive and motivating, but Zwift with other riders would be even better…

Not every Zwifter is trying to hit their VO2max continuously…


I’m not a programmer, but my guess is that in order to do this Zwift would have to write an entirely new set of code, while still trying to maintain/improve the current code. So, I’d think it not likely this will happen any time soon.

This has been requested many times but there is always someone who chimes in to reject the idea. DC rainmaker showed of VR zwift video back in 2017 of it in action so the work is done already. But yea there is always those few guys here that just want to make your pandemic life more difficult by not having zwift in VR.

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I tested this in SF and it was disorienting – like when I turned I tried to counter-steer because it felt too real. I actually preferred the fixed display.

So best I could come up with is the real VR and garmin bike mods for gta v. Definitely need VR legs for this. But it works with my Tacx neo with road feel and simmed grades. No real people around but a much livelier world because it’s gta.

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I want VR support too.

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@Nigel_Tufnel Not at all. A simple stereoscopic filter is all they need. VR customers would use the same exact stream, but instead of one 2D image appearing on their flat TV screen, they get two 2D images on the two screens in their VR headset. With each image projected from a slightly different angle, mimicking the slightly different perspective of each eyeball, your brain automatically combines them together, creating a 3D image in your head. The technology is simple because the brain already does all the work. The cost of porting the app to the Oculus and Steam Stores would be negligible.

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