Oculus Quest headset - Zwift VR support

I try to use Zwift with my Oculus Quest headset (VR) and I have a little problem.
I want to use true VR like the video in Youtube " Zwift VR - First spin with Oculus headset - TitaniumGeek" but I don’t know how to configure my set.
I want to feel the same sensation (immervive VR) and not just watch a 2D screen (with virtual desktop for example).

My set :

  • HT = Tacx Neo 2 T
  • PC VR Ready = Asus Rog - Strix Z270F gaming / Intel Core i7 7700k / ram 32 Go / MSI GeForce 1080 Gaming x 8 Go, 3D Display, etc.
  • Windows 10
  • Software Oculus Link / Oculus Desktop

Can you help me in order to solve my problem ?

Thank you !

Best regards from France ! :wink:

Hi everybody,
I have a Wahoo Kickr with a Cickr Climb and a ventilator and I’m wachting Zwift by linking my PC to a TV Screen. The experience is great, but it would be wonderfull if I could enjoy being IN the Zwift world, by putting on a VR headset (like de Oculus Quest 2 f.e.) . It seems Zwift is not into that. But I’m sure a lot of people in the Zwift community would be excited if we could ride, being in the VR world through a headset (even with an option to talk to each other). Let hear your voices! Maybe that way, the development team of Zwift might consider to make this happen. Christophe Bertrem


Apparently there is still a VR mode in the software from 2013, but they have yet to re-enable it. Something about VR not being popular enough and requiring a gaming PC to run it. Neither of which are true anymore with the Oculus Quest 2, so I don’t know why they won’t re activate it. Maybe they don’t want gamers to bring down the neighborhood.

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Hi, there is an option set g_bEnableOculus=1 to be added into data\configs\basic.txt. That is all I know about it at the moment. Actually, I’m absolutely new with Zwift as with indoor cycling. Currently I’m trying to get some more immersion and still don’t know how to run zwift on my Oculus Quest 2. I’m an inveterate VR user and usage of “2D” Zwfit is too boring for me even it’s being projected to a wall :roll_eyes: I’m feeling myself back to 2000x :face_with_hand_over_mouth: So, I’m disappointed nevertheless. :sneezing_face:

P.S. It would be great if Zwift team add supporting of second camera angles so we could make a setup with 2-3 projectors to achieve some augmented reality like on their promo video. Well, 360 degrees might be too tricky but 180 degrees would be an incredible experience of immersion either in an easier way.

P.P.S. May be another indoor cycling apps supports VR or multiple angle views?