Zwift VR

Are you guy going to enable this easter egg? I use zwift in bigscreen VR app right now and its amazing. Really focuses you. But native VR support would be so much better. 

DC rainmaker did a quick hands on of this when you had it set up at CES in 2017

He states:

Let’s be clear: This is the future of indoor cycling.


I 100% agree and would love for at least easter Egg mode for this so I can try it out and give feedback.


Sounds dreadful to me. I sweat like a greyhound when Zwifiting, it would be horrible wearing a VR headset. 

The concern is finding a sweatproof headset, the humidity would quickly destroy an oculus or vive. However, there are plenty of waterproof smart phones out in the wild, a Samsung gear VR or google cardboard version would make the trick work.

+1, let’s get VR already!