Virtual Reality Googles


Is there any update on VR Googles (such as HTC Vive) support?

Is there a roadmap for officially supporting this feature?

Surely that would get rather sweaty… the underwater parts of Watopia would look super realistic… until the headset breaks :wink:

May work for a recovery ride, but imagine >FTP intervals!


Zwift has had VR, but disabled, for years:

Jon Mayfield:

“I actually added VR mode to the software back in 2013 so it’s been in there all along, but disabled. In fact I gave Eric Min a demo of it the day we first met at my house. The problem is that even 3 years later VR headsets are not common devices, and the gaming computers needed to power them are equally scarce – at least among cycling enthusiasts. Lower price point and more exercise friendly VR headsets are on the horizon.”

Ray Maker on Youtube:

We’ve been sweating hours with Beat Saber for several months, the fact that can create issues for headsets is a myth. There are waterproof covers and you can cut your sweat a lot with a standing fan.

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So now that the Quest 2 — a stand alone headset for 300 bucks — is everywhere, let’s get them to re-activate that VR mode!