Quest 3 VR - support

Hi hi,
VR is becoming bigger and bigger this days, and I believe that ZWIFT in VR could be such an amazing exp. (yea, sweat is an issue to solve, but there are ways to deal with that in other games and fitness apps)

Would you ever consider that as an option ?

They had private beta of it going back at least 7 years but I think the main concerns back then still apply today.

Yes, I can see, what happend to this beta ? now VR is so much stronger (quest 3) and much easy to get. I would LOVE to try zwift in VR

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Pretty sure it was scuttled in shallow waters off Ocean Beach with the rowing feature

I would like to try it using windows mixed reality portal and the HP Reverb G2. Not for the hard rides but to make the easy Z2 recovery rides more interesting.

It will get shot down however so don’t hold your breath.

It would also be nice to have things like the power / data displays set as a bike computer like device on an “out front” stem mount. That would clean up the view. With VR you could lean forward or look down at the bike computer easily.

Navigation selections (eg left or right at junctions) could be indicated by augmented reality style arrows something like what you have on the Mercedes S-Class head-up display.

You could also look around at scenery, a nice touch.

I don’t see my self in heavy training or race using it, it is already hard when doing a boxing match (a lot of sweat etc) however, no sweat ever broken a VR set.
For the z1 z2 I would for sure be happy to be able to enjoy the area, watch the peleton when turning my head or just scenery as you said.

If it was already done 7 years ago, they don’t really have much work to do, but I guess the finncial ratio here is low demand, however, I see many ways with today’s tech, that this could lead to some really cool stuff…

For biking yes ,but It will never work for running ,too heavy and uncomfortable with it bouncing around during running ,only way is with something way smaller ,akin to sunglasses.

I would love it so much, even if it is sweaty as ■■■■ it would be super interesting and a lot of fun. Would make spending so long in z2 a lot more attractive.

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With good ventilation and cooling the sweat for Z2 wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

I have a VR setup here for MS Flight Sim, could easily use it with Zwift - I’d just have to install Windows on the Intel Mac I use for Zwift.

MacOS for VR - forget it, unless Apple magically opens up to other VR headsets. They won’t…

I believe warranty issues make this difficult. Certainly the Apple offering isn’t IP rated and I’m not sure of the others.

I would forget the Apple headset, it’s too expensive and no point.

The majority of VR is for PC and that’s where the efforts should go if anything.

This is what I’m running: