Oculus support?

(Anders Swanson) #1

Just wondering if Oculus support might be on the horizon again?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

If it is, it is fairly far in the future. It’s not in our immediate timeline but would definitely be cool if not a bit dangerous (falling off the bike and all) :slight_smile:

(Anders Swanson) #3

Thank you for the update!  There are so many awesome VR headsets coming out this holiday season; would love to see Zwift run on one of them!

(George Fordham AUDI-PNW) #4

Kinect support on the Xbox would be pretty cool, for body movements

(Philip Amos) #5

Would you really want to be doing a sweaty workout wearing a VR headset?

(Victor Jerez KISS M1NE) #6

seems like it would be a great add to the features to be able to look over your shoulder and see who’s riding up on you, or to be able to chat along-side a rider next to you.


(Anders Swanson) #7

Philip, there are some good alternatives out there which are immersive and wearable during physical activity.  Gear VR wouldn’t be that bad to wear, and there are all kinds of other solutions using homebuilt headsets and high end phones.  Once you’ve had even a brief VR experience it is hard to go back to looking at a flat screen.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #8

Or direct sensor input into the Recon Jet