TrackIR Support?

I know this will never make it into Zwift but if you don’t ask then you’ll never know.

I would love to see TrackIR supported in Zwift to add to the emersion factor.
The ability to have head tracking in game would add to the realism and could open up more configurable screen viewing options.

One example - The screen could be decluttered and have a handlebar view with functional bike computer. When you wish to view your current data a tilt of the head would zoom in on the bike computer and show current cadence,wattage,rpm,hr etc.

Although not as good as VR it’s a more wearable solution as you can mount the receiver to a hat/baseball cap etc.

Ride On!

Although a nice gimmick, I’d say it’d be better for Zwift to stick their development time in course expansion, more worked out event system, and development of a more versatile interface system in addition to them already working on bringing tablet support and multi-sport support first prior to things like this.