Zwift Bike Computer Head Unit

Now that it is warm out we all train outside as much as indoors. Which got me thinking, what if there was an option to allow the Zwift heads up info display to look similar to a Garmin, Wahooo, CatEye or similar cockpit unit that we all train with between our actual handlebars - that means the interface of the Zwift Cycle Computer would need to be configurable just like the display on other commercially available cycling computers - i.e. able to show all sorts of customizable real time or averaged information, and in the location on the virtual rectangular display unit wanted.

Why not just pair up your cycle computer to the power, hr and cadence at the same time as the Zwift app?
Then you can look at your cycle computer or your Zwift display?
That’s what I do with my Wahoo Bolt so it displays the same whether I’m in or outdoors.
No point buying another bike head-unit, when current ones’ have such customisable displays.


Great point! I do that also. I was just thinking something that would be part of the software on the screen that “looks” like a head unit (not an actual unit) instead of the readout (speed, distance, elev, & ET) we currently see on Zwift, so a virtual cycling computer. Even though my Garmin is plugged in I just don’t seem to look down much when on Zwift, I just look at the monitor - plus, I would like a few more configurable onscreen telemetry options.

Ah-ha, I see, thought your other post about PinP was brilliant.

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Thanks Man!!! I guess if we want to see it as an update we need to tell our friends and followers to vote :wink: