Bike computer / head unit integration

It would be cool to integrate my head unit, such as a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, into Zwift. Or rather pair Zwift to an Elemnt.

To explain further, when I go for a real ride, my speed/cadance, power, and heart rate sensors pair to my head unit so I see the data on the handle bars. Then I can connect my phone to my Elemnt via the Wahoo Elemnt app to receive txt messages on the bike computer. What also happens when my phone is connected, I can also see the data in the Elemnt app itself, so there is a by-directional flow of data happening with the phone, I think, at least the phone app gets periodic updates somehow.

So the requested feature would be to add the Zwift over BLE (Win 10 and Mac) to the head unit as device (much like a phone), and maybe Zwift could see the same sensor data that the head unit sees. Provided head unit capabilities.

This is more of a feature request for the Elemnt Bolt itself. This would require the Bolt to act as a transmitter, whereas it is designed to be a receiver.

FWIW: This is probably quite doable with Garmin Edge head units … as they have the ability to run apps using the Connect IQ framework.

When it comes down to it, however, I think the companion app is a better interface.

would the mobile link app not do what you are asking for?

I have a holder for mine so I can mount it in front of the handlebars much like a bike computer

I purchased a cheap phone case and a 3d printed quarter turn mount so I can put my phone on the mount my garmin usually sits in. Just glued the quarter turn mount to the case and it works great.

Don’t get me wrong, Zwift is cool conceptually. I just see areas that it could be improved beyond the typical additional maps and custom jersey suggestions. Foundationally, I would love to see functionally that reduces its dependance on a phone app to get basic functions to work such as native Bluetooth support for Windows 10 (creators edition has improved BLE support by the way :slight_smile: ) so users aren’t put into a position to have to buy a specific dongle, additional hardware, or resort to aging Ant+, to connect their dual band compatible sensors they already own. A phone app would really serve best as a communication means to other Zwifters around you in the game, but not as a bridge for your sensors to connect to the PC app. It’s a bit of a hack — a work around — unless Zwift wants to code their own proprietary Bluetooth stack and risk dropping any other BLE device user’s may have.

Or just buy a proper computer i.e a Mac that supports BLE… :slight_smile:

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Even with a computer running Zwift, using the companion app is much more convenient.

Of course I have my Mac (or ATV) attached to a big screen TV… so it’s not within arms distance.

Is that a hint of sarcasm? Sorry no user should have to go out and buy an entire new computer system just for the sake of getting THAT ONE APP to work.

Native Bluetooth support is one of those functions that should be available across ALL platforms.

What if you want to use your head unit to control your trainer for workouts from places like Trainingpeaks, and also ride along on Zwift courses simultaneously?

So for the only way I’ve found to do this is to connect my trainer to the head unit before firing up Zwift, and than only pairing my speed/cadence sensor to Zwift via the companion app. As a side note, only running one sensor through the phone, my phone’s battery isn’t taxed as much.

Or, Zwift could allow Trainingpeaks integration in much the same way as Strava is.

Hi… I want to touch on two areas. First is the Strava Live Segments feature, which allows you to quickly load your favorite segments to the unit. This is a bit unique compared to the Wahoo & Garmin offerings, in that you can actually see which segments are loaded from your phone app – as opposed to it being either the backend Strava favoriting process or only displayed on the unit itself. You can also configure settings with respect to how soon it pops up notifications.

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