Native Bluetooth support

It would be nice to have the ability to use Bluetooth LE sensors without requiring a phone to act as a gateway.

Many modern computers have BTLE support built in … and BTLE adapters are dirt cheap (and a lot easier to find than ANT+ adapters).

yes please


Yes, please. PCs may not be “cool”, but probably quite a few are used with ZWIFT and connecting Phone=>PC=>Trainer just for the heart rate is cumbersome, even though it *may* work. Here at least, no phone is supported by ZWIFT, so no luck (even though the PC recognizes the HRM). :frowning:

Additionally, the Bluetooth support via the phone is VERY twitchy.

Yes please - on PC and MAC.


I tottaly agree! I can’t use zwift because I have just bluetooth sensors and I don’t have a iOS cellphone, just an android one. Why do I have to have an iOS cellphone to connect by bluetooth if my laptop does it?

You can use an Android phone to bridge the connection, just download the Zwift app.

I can’t.

Although there is the app for Android, there is no option “sensors” like on the iOS app.

Hey everyone - we’ve added native Bluetooth support for Apple OSX in the latest release. We’re still researching how, or if, we can bring this feature to Windows computers.


Igor - the Android version of Zwift Mobile Link works just like the iOS one. It will allow you to pair your BLE devices to Zwift as long as your phone is on the same Wifi network and paired to the game. 


If you have any more questions, just shoot us a message by clicking on the “Help” button in the bottom right of the screen and we’ll get you sorted out.




@Scott B - Considering several of your competitors support native bluetooth on Windows I don’t think the question should be “how or if” you can do it.  The question should be “when”