Direct/native support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Windows

When will we get direct/native support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Windows?

Possibly only for Windows 10 with all the latest updates, even if BLE has been supported since Windows 8.

The Zwift BLE article describes

  • support through the Zwift Mobile Link app (ZML), which entails that iOS and Android are supported
  • native support on Mac for the Zwift application
  • native support on iOS for the Zwift app
  • doesn’t say anything about tvOS, but must be supported given that there is already a version for Zwift on Apple TV, which means that the article is out-of-date

but doesn’t mention Windows.

Most of the time then ANT+ on Windows coupled with BLE bridging through the ZML app works, but:

  • More and more devices are going BLE; I sometimes even bridge ANT+ devices through my Viiiiva heartrate monitor
  • Sometimes the wired network of the computer and the wireless network of the phone can’t talk to one another, making the ZML bridging impossible

HI Erlendur,

There are a ton of existing threads on this topic already where I’ve tried to answer a lot of the questions about why we don’t have BLE support natively on windows. The latest is here:

If you have further questions, I’d ask that you post them in there so that I don’t have to keep repeating the same answers.

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You beat me to it and I was going to post the same link.