Windows 8 + bluetooth sensor?


I have a Laptop with windows 8, and i want to know if i can connect my BT Sensor’s directly to the PC via BT without have to buy a ant+ adaptor.

Thanks :smiley:

Unfortunately not. Zwift just doesn’t support Bluetooth/BLE on the Windows platform at this time — to hard for them to implement. The only option left for Windows users is the Zwift Companion app for your phone to use as a bridge — kinda of a hokie work around — to connect your trainer and sensors to the the game; plus, the phone and the computer must be on the same wifi.

From Microsoft documentation, Windows 10 creator edition has better BLE support — still the Zwift game isn’t going to recognize your bluetooth chipset. (hint hint, Zwift). Hopefully Zwift will fully support Windws 10 BLE in near future.

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