Use Zwift on Win10 through sensors conected on android device

Hi I wish someone can help me, I wasn’t able to find the a solution here or at Zwift instruction pages.

I have a PC running Windows 10, with built in Intel BT 9260 card, I normally run my headphones, earphones and Polar heartrate sensor on it. I can also pair my android devices to it.

I have two android devices that support ANT+, my tablet that supports Zwift and my phone that only runs Zwift Companion.

On my table I am able to get my Garmin Speed sensor running and ride directly on Zwift in it.

Is it possible to ride with Zwift on my PC with a sensor connected to my cellphone or tablet? I tried almost everything but sensor never appears on my notebook. Any clue?

The Zwift Companion App can only bridge Bluetooth.

I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle and USB extension for your PC.


Paul thanks, it was driving me crazy. I pick my Polar cadence and heartrate sensors, linked both via BT to the phone and they appear in Zwift on my PC.

Unfortunately ant stick here are sold for about U$S100, and here we are about 10 to 1 then. But cheap BT speed sensor would be an option to give it a try.

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