Help Setting Up Zwift

I want to connect to Zwift, but I don’t know how or even if I can connect. I have tried many times.

Here are my devices:

1.CatEye Micro Wireless (CC-MC100W) device

2.on5 spd sensor a

3.OnePlus 2 phone(That, according to ant tester, has Built-in Ant. Also I have installed ANT+ plugins and ARS )  

If someone knows how to connect via these devices, please help!

  1. Will not help you in getting connected to Zwift/not supported

  2. As long as it broadcast in Bluetooth or ANT+ it should work

  3. You cannot use a phone with the Zwift Companion App to bridge ANT+, you would need something like CABLE to bridge ANT+ since the ZCA can only bridge BLE.

Are you using a PC, Mac, iOS device or AppleTV to run Zwift on?

This link might help you out a little bit:

Try giving this article a read, for a brief overview of getting set up!

Bike computers aren’t compatible with Zwift, as these devices do not transmit data for Zwift to receive, so your CatEye Micro Wireless won’t be used in your set up. Since you have a speed sensor, as long as it is ANT+ or Bluetooth compatible, you should be able to pair it to a device that meets our minimum requirements, and use a classic trainer/roller set up to enjoy the game!

While we’re working to expand our Android connectivity, I’m afraid using the built in Ant+ on your phone won’t be available at this time, but you can always use the phone to run our Zwift Companion app alongside another device, to access other cool features if you’d like :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a pc which i’ve installed Zwift , i have Zwift companion app on my phone, I have speed sensor , cadence sensor and vivoactive HR also ANT+ stick, I can’t seem to get started on Zwift, what am I doing wrong?


It would be helpful if you posted what make/model of your Speed and Cadence. Are you trying to connect using ANT+ or Bluetooth?

The more info you give the quicker we can assist you in getting up and running.