Bluetooth to ANT+

(Maxime Dube) #1

Hi there,
Is there any way to connect a bluetooth only device by ANT+? Looking for a converter/adapter but can’t find one. I’ve really had enough of Zwift Companion bridging. Too many times my power dropped to 0 for 5-10 seconds in the middle of a race or when going for a PR. Also, why isn’t native Win10 support for bluetooth available? This has been a major issue for too long.

(Vincent W.) #2

Sorry Zwift hasn’t been working the best for you Maxime! We have an article on ANT + dongles and BLE to ANT+ converters:

(Maxime Dube) #3

Thank you for replying.

I am trying to find a way for my BLE-only devices to be used through ANT+ as a workaround. I didn’t find a way to do this yet. I’m using windows 10. Any idea?

(Marcos Miranda) #4

I’m sorry but I’m new to Zwift and realizing I need to be a techie to use this stuff now… I already have the Ant+ wireless thing but what’s the cable for? Where is it supposed to get plugged from?

(Peter Castrop) #5

Hi Maxime,

which BLE devices do you use?
And would an adapter like this one solve your question:

( Tay) #6

A Bluetooth dongle won’t work with a Windows. Windows 10 with Zwift reads ANT+ only. The Bluetooth issues are known with Kinetic trainers, which Zwift has failed to address.

Andriod’s Zwift mobile Companion linked to Windows 10 doesn’t work either. It used to a year ago, but Zwift updated their mobile app.

The only workaround is to use an iOS device running the Companion app with the same WiFi network as the Windows 10 machine running Zwift. :frowning:

In other words…

Windows 10 + Andriod Companion app + Bluetooth = Crashes/Issues/No Signal
Windows 10 + iOS Companion app + Bluetooth = Success :slight_smile: