Bluetooth connectivity issues using Windows 10

Hey can anyone help me on here? Using Zwift via PC using Windows 10 and Bluetooth but whilst it will find and connect the Power Source with my trainer it just keeps saying no signal and so nothing happens when I use the trainer.
Any ideas?

What device are you running Windows 10 on? Does it have BT built in? Most users on PCs have had really good luck using a ANT+ USB dongle and using ANT+ instead on BLE to run Zwift. (link below to one that seems to work very well for most people including myself)

What it sounds like is that while your device sees your trainer’s BT signal the communication protocol is not happening. This could be because another app or device has grabbed your trainer BLE and is talking to it. Force close all background apps that could connect to your trainer and make sure all head units and other BLE devices nearby are off.