Native BLE Pairing Windows 10


What is going on with the issues with native BLE pairing to smart trainers in the latest versions of Windows 10?

I have tried 3 different Windows 10 machines with multiple smart trainers and two of them can’t find my trainers and one of them can. I even tried different BT adapters with similar mixed results.

Please don’t blame it on the environment or other typical issues that are normally the cause because that is not what is causing this issue. My trainers work just fine with non Windows 10 operating systems over BLE…

I have a support case on this topic that seems to have went into a black hole!

Since you are using windows, why don’t you try ANT+. For me it just works.

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I agree to some extent - but some people have bluetooth only sensors and it should work or remove it as an option

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Working to minimize the complexity due to the fact that my wife has a hard enough time with all the pairing process without introducing another variable into the mix. I can understand it just fine and have no issue with switching to ANT+ or a combination but all people are not that tech savy.

Also there is some argument out there about BLE having a faster update rate resulting in better performance in regards to power smoothness and ERG mode. Not sure that is true but some claim it is.

As Chris said, there are many non ANT+ sensors out there. All of ours are dual protocol so it does not matter to me other than what I mentioned above and having to buy another ANT+ dongle. Also as Chris said, this needs to be fixed or remove it and stop claiming support for it (BLE in Windows 10).

I agree with both of you if it claim to work then it should, but windows is not playing nice, they changed a few things to mess with the BLE interface.

Even if BLE is a bit faster than ANT+ I still prefer ANT because it just works. No interruptions when I use bluetooth earphones or when my daughter use the treadmill with her tablet.

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BLE does not work properly. The app costed me this evening already more than one hour of trying just to get started. Once stated the app stops frequently.
How long do you expect to get my payings?


After many tests with ANT + different cables, different usb (including TACX), different USB port on the computer … I have not got the watts/cadence drops disappear.

The other day I plugged USB BLE to the same cable that I used for ANT + and connected the quarq, garmi hr-dual … the tacx neo did not find it as controllable and it could be in ANT +, and much better, without drops of watts / cadence .

Yesterday I realized that if I connected the neo TACX as a potentiometer this suddenly appeared as controllable by BLE, I do not know if it is a bug, today we will test it to see how it goes.


So to rule out my computer, BLE adapter, environment, and trainer… I took the same computer that will not find my Kickr during search on Zwift, closed Zwift and opened Rouvy and it found the Kickr immediately and paired with it and worked just fine.

The problem is within Zwift…

That’s right! Today again reinstalling; still wanky connections. Connected with some delays. Then riding? Well, no: saw everybody riding by, but starting was impossible! Very frustating. Will stick to Tacx: works great! Membership cancelled!

I am having the same issue with my kinetic smart control. Zwift will not find it or work with any other bluetooth accessories but it works fine with TrainerRoad. I will have to assume it is lack of interest/programming skill on the part of Zwift dev’s.

For reasons of pitty with all those good programmers that have put effort in Zwift, I took some tests again today:

  1. Zwift now comes with a message window about Garmin Connect: did shut it down a changed the settings of that app.
  2. Zwift does not see my heart rate belt fast and or always.
  3. Zwift does sometimes finds my NEO, connects but indicates: no signal or a signal without readings. A ride can’t be started! One of three times it did although.

In contrast with this experiences:

  1. A webpage based heart rate monitor (based on json) does recognize my heart monitor within two seconds and starts “beating” within 10: always. Free download on the github: It is a very simple webpage and it works great! Maybe Zwift should also use json for the connections?!
  2. Connection with TCX software: quick connection and dito start.
  3. Connection with RGT: software: quick connection and dito start.

So pointing to Garmin Connect was not solving the problems!

Today Zwift has shown to have spend attention to connecting devices via bluetooth. The new versions of the app and the new desktop are now recognizing the devices fast and show no lost of connection. Furthermore the communication with the user, during paring, has been much improved. The desktop app shows no more frequent shift to working and not responding.
By this way one can reliable, quickly start and concentrate on on the ride itself.
I will upgrade in a minute.