No BLE signal in Win10 but fine with Companion app?!

For whatever reason, Zwift can’t seem to either detect my power meter, or it connects but shows No Signal when using native BT mode (Win10). Other 3rd party apps are detecting and getting signals from my PM no problems - so what gives?

I’ve switched to Ethernet mode on my PC for Zwift to eliminate 2.4hz interference factors. I’m currently using a BT 4.0 adapter (the wireless keyboard has its own BT dongle) Ironically however I don’t have connectivity issues to the PM with the Companion app (on the Wifi). I don’t want to keep using the ZC app because there seems to be a noticeable delay/lag between pressure on the pedals and what happens in-game…

Reason I want to use my PM is not for power but for cadence, because I think the cadence sensor on my Neo has well and truly carked it (wild swings up to 170rpm when i’m only pedalling easy at 65rpm)

And no, I will never go back to ANT+ again after several dropouts during ramp tests in the past…

Anybody have this problem before or is there something quirky about Zwift and its native BLE implementation in Win10 that I don’t know about?

Hi @I_Am_WattJunkie

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Check your ant+ drivers. Something is not right with your setup.

Did you try to look at your log files using

I have not installed any ANT+ drivers since wiping my PC with a clean Win10 install, and I don’t intend to go back