Getting around bluetooth drop-outs using Z companion bridge?

Hey all,

So I recently rebuilt my computer, and part of that was using a motherboard with built-in antennae powered bluetooth 5, thinking this will be great for using Zwift and getting around some of the odd connection fluctuations I had before.

Mostly, this has been a big success! However, I find that on very odd occasions (maybe once every 2 hours of riding on average, but pretty random) I get a complete drop out for bluetooth where both my kickr and cadence sensor provide nothing to Zwift for about 10 seconds, then it picks up again. I have updated my drivers, including full uninstall and reinstall but although the issue gets better it never gets completely fixed.

Im not sure if this is a system side issue or an app issue, but since I will hopefully be joining a team for some TTTs shortly, I would like to find a way around it without having to buy an ant+ dongle or similar.

So to the question: If I connect using the zwift companion app instead and use that as a bridge, I have heard there can be quite some lag. Has anyone experienced this before? What was it like? And how reliable has it been?

If it is not a particularly sensitive setup which could see me lagging out behind team mates in TTTs, does anyone have any other ideas on fixing the issue?

Thanks everyone for reading and for your help!

I have never noticed any lag using ZCA as a bridge to Zwift running on Windows.

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If you use Windows 10 then I would suggest getting a ANT+ dongle, it is much more reliable.


That depends on your devices. When I was using a Stages left crank arm power meter, BLE over ZCA was much more reliable than ANT+. Having switched to Assioma pedals, there is no real difference between BLE over ZCA and ANT+.

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I really believe it depends on your hardware.

Using Win 10 PC, ZC (HTC U11, Android 9) as bridge, P2M NGeco powermeter, Polar or Quadlock HR. Had NO problems with Bluetooth (winter 2018-19 and 19-20; riding solo, events, races).
Tested Zwift for Android (yes, the “old” good U11 has built-in ANT+) - powermeter and Quadlock HR, NO problems.

Perhaps I am just a lucky guy?

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