Bluetooth support on laptop/pc

(Jos Eilers) #1

Is there any chance that bluetooth support will be added to the zwift application for sensors/hrm support?


I know that this option is already there as a beta function in the mobile app, but this still means that a mobile phone is required, also drains the battery a lot.

(Michael Henasey) #2

At first, I found it odd that Zwift implemented BT support via the Mobile App acting as a relay but it does make sense when you consider that…

(1) not all PCs and laptops support BT 4.0 but just about every modern smart phone out there does. Plus, if you didn’t have a BT 4.0 receiver, you’d have to buy another dongle. Everybody has a phone, right?

(2) BT development on Android and iOS is easier than on Windows and OSX.

(David MacVicar) #3

I have an older iMac that’s 2010 era. Will Bluetooth still work as long as I’m using a modern smartphone? (I have a 5s iPhone)

(Michael Henasey) #4

@David, yes. Zwift uses the BT in your iPhone to connect to your BT sensors (HR, etc.). This data is then relayed to the Zwift App running on your PC/laptop. The Zwift App running on your PC/laptop does not use BT in any way right now.

(Jos Eilers) #5
  1. you are talking about bluetooth 4 and that its not available on pc’s but that everyone has a mobile phone. :slight_smile: True, but the older phones (like mine) also dont support bluetooth 4.0)   I guess it would be best if both the pc an phone are supported so we can choose what we want to use. Modern laptops should be okay, and my guess is a lot of the riders actually use a laptop for convenience.

  2. I cant imagine that it is difficult to integrate bt in a c# project nowadays, there are so many programming examples out there. Ofcourse i am not talking about older windows os’s, i only looked at wind8/10 api’s. That said, i am pretty sure that the developers also have a lot of other bugs/features they are working on, lol :slight_smile:

(Michael Henasey) #6

@Jos I can tell you from personal experience that BT on Windows is not easy and BT on Android and Windows Phone are much easier. I have not implemented BT on iOS but I’ve read the documentation and it seems far easier again than BT on Windows. 

(Gilles L.) #7


(Chris Jefferies) #8

I’d also like Bluetooth as a dongle/PC option, the same as how it treats an ant+ dongle.

(Jos Eilers) #9

@michael : fair enough, i didnt do anything yet with bt implementations on mobile devices, i did see an example where windows sockets are used (which is kind of easy to implement) :


anyway, keep on hoping they will pick it up in the future…