Windows Vista .....:(

I am having a couple issues that are likely not uncommon for new users. My setup is on a PC using Vista, and I purchased a BT tongle. I am also using the ZC App. on my iphone. The trouble is with getting my cadence and HR sensors recognized, and reflecting accurate data. Initially I could not get the BT adapter on the PC to pick up the signal from them, so I tried using the ZC app. to recieve the signals, and the PC to receive my phones signal for the data. I thought that worked until I noticed that while running both zwift and wahoo fitness app. the 2 sets of numbers for each sensor were very different in each app. My typical rpm is around 80 which the wahoo app indicated, however zwift showed me at 60 and below? With the HR #'s the zwift was accurate, but wahoo showed n/a…? I apologize for the long story, can I get some help here…
PS; I think I read somewhere you cannot utilize 2 app at once…??

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this is correct the sensors only talk to one app at a time.

I am more concerned why the PC bluetooth does not work. You need to go into the pc bluetooth settings and remove the sensors from the PC devices and ONLY pair them in Zwift.

Thanks Gerrie
What about the Wahoo app ?

No. Only one app.

Ill give that a try and let you know, thanks again…

Windows Vista is not supported. I’m not sure that Vista OS can support Bluetooth 4.2 even if you add a USB dongle.

Running Zwift on a laptop that old is just going to frustrate you. Zwift runs on Win10, macOS, iOS, Android and Apple TV. Do you have another computer that’s a little more current?

I do, however its a home PC, not a lap top, and is inaccessible from my pain cave…

You can almost certainly run Windows 10 on that PC, and it’s a free upgrade.

I really doubt either one of those statements are true.

The “free” upgrade is from Windows 7 and a computer built for Vista is going to be close to 15 years old.

A better option is to just get an Apple TV and scrap the Vista.

You can download and install Windows 10 for free, and just choose not to activate it.

Windows 10 may well install and run fine on a Vista PC. I’ve done that myself before (though not for Zwift).

I wouldn’t disagree with that.

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Ya, I am not going to tell people to do that on the Official Zwift Forums.

BT on Windows sucks…even on W10. You could try an Ant+ dongle but Vista compatibility will be iffy and needs to checked. But the graphics will be weak and even if you got connection, you probably will not run very well.

ATV as mentioned is probably the cheapest…if you have a monitor or TV laying around…or your old laptop has HDMI in (which I doubt). Or find a used pc if you do not want new.

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This could be a helpful guide to give anyone who’s using a form of Windows which even Microsoft stopped supporting four years ago:

Well, your suggestion was partially correct… I opened control panel>devices and discovered the adapter had disabled itself… I re-enabled it and proceeded with pairing my devices and sensors, however the app would not pair until I opened ZC on my phone. At that point all my hardware paired with accurate data…. I think that means the pc is pairing or bridging through my iPhone???

It will be good to know what your PC spec’s are.

You are still using an unsupported OS, neither Zwift nor MS supports Vista anymore.

It is a BIG security risk to even have it connected to the internet.


It seems to be running the app ok, communicating to my Kicker

I am running Norton on this PC, and use it for nothing but Zwift… it stays shut down except for when I am using swift…

Just so you know, if you have any issues Zwift Support will not be able to do anything for you.

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