Windows 10 problem

I had been happily using Zwift on my IPad , which unfortunately is now broken ( nothing to do with ZWIFT ) and have had to switch to my Dell Laptop which runs Windows 10.

I have downlaoded the ZWIFT app , which appears to start up OK at first. The problem is Zwift can see my heart trate monitor (garmin dual ANt+/Blue Tooth ) or my Tacx cadence and speed sensor (Bluetooth). The Tacx app can happily see both ( connected via bluetooth ) and is registering cadence, speed and heart rate fine. But ZWIFT seems to think that Bluetooth is turned off and can’t see any data.

Grateful for any suggestions as to how I can sort this out - other wise no ZWIFT until the IPAD is mended which will be a couple of weeks at best.

Hi @Howard_Binysh

If the Tacx app connected to the sensors, then the signal is not available to the Zwift app to use. Please make sure to shut off anything that the sensors might be connected to. This includes the Tacx app on your smartphone, the bike computer on your handelbars, and anything else that could steal the signal away from the Zwift app.

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Sadly that didn’t work. If I just use my Iphone , then it works fine - but an IPhone 7 screen is a bit small. If I turn off the blue tooth on the iphone and try just starting Zwift on the Laptop it isn’t working. Zwift seems to think that Bluetooth isn’t turned on - but when I look in the WIndows 10 Bluetooth window , the only device it sees is the Heart Rate monitor not the TAcx cadence / speed sensor. . Is there anyway tolog on on my Iphone and then see it on the Laptop screen as a work around ?

Use the companion app to bridge the bluetooth signal to your laptop.


sadl i cant get it to work - zwift on an iphone 7 will just have to workfor a while