How to set this up: Lenovo Thinkpad W520 w/BT + Polar H7 + Tacx Flux S

Hello Guys,
I am newbie and wonder how do I setup this system.
I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 laptop running Win7 with built-in Bluetooth, Polar H7 HR sensor, Tacx Flux S trainer and eventually Samsung S7 edge. I tried Zwift Companion with no luck. One wifi network, automatic freq switching but I am only 3 meters (9ft) away from router, so it should run 5GHz. The thing is that Zwift PC app does not recognize BT in the laptop. Anyone else having similar issue?

Win7 is no longer supported. Upgrade to Win10.
Bluetooth on Windows is not really working. Buy an ANT+ USB Stick.


It’s 32 bit versions (aka x86 version) of Windows 7 that are not supported. 64 bit versions of Win7 will work fine.

@Ola_Nordmann welcome to the Zwift forums. I looked at your session logs and see that you have tried using both an iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 Edge to run Zwift Companion (ZC). Were you able to connect ZC on either of these phones?

The phone running ZC and the laptop running the Zwift game app must both be on the same WiFi signal. It sounds like you’ve done this already, yes?

The second thing is that the ZC and the game app must both be logged in to the same Zwift account. If the email & passwords don’t match exactly, ZC will not connect to the game app. This is a common error. Please verify that’s the case?

I think he meant is that Win7 has reach End-of-Life according to MS and that the PC should be upgraded to Win10.

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Yes, I meant that Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and will not getting security updates.
PC’s with OS without security updates can easily become infected and used for DDoS attacks or email spam or even worse.

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True that!