Any companion apps for head unit to iOS/Zwift connection?

I know you can buy products to bridge ant+ devices to iOS for Zwift.

If a bike computer has bluetooth and can re-transmit all that data to a companion app (Powertap, etc), is there a way for Zwift to do the same by talking to the bike computer/head unit?

I’ve searched, seems like no. Just wondering why since the data is there and can be transmitted.

I use the Powertap app all the time to have a dashboard and upload mechanism for my workouts that use a Joule GPS.

Just wanted to check before buying a separate bridge.

No, you cannot use a bike computer to bridge signals.

Doesn’t the Zwift companion app bridge the signal? Shouldn’t need to buy anything, unless maybe you are using your iPhone to run Zwift, then you can’t use the same phone for the companion app.

So, I got it to work. In the past, I just tried to run Zwift without the Powertap app. Then nothing would appear or connect.

I didn’t think to try to run both apps at the same time.

I got the Joule GPS connected to the Powertap app then ran Zwift. In Zwift I could then click on the “find meter” or “find equipment” icon and the Joule GPS bike computer showed up on Bluetooth devices.

I clicked it, and it populated all the devices currently connected to the Joule GPS.