Noob needs basic info

SO I have been using zwitft zince January. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Why does the power reading on my computer not match the android companion app? Everything else is spot on. The power however is off by anywhere from 2-50 pts.

  2. Is it possible to just use the companion app and not the computer to ride in a world?

  3. Should I use the companion app to connect to my sensors via Bluetooth or my computer?

My computer is a MacBook Pro.

Thanks in advance,
M. Knichel

It is possible that one of them is showing instantaneous power, while the other is showing the 3-second average. I think you can check this in the settings. It is also possible that due to network lag one is just behind the other at any given moment.

The companion app is just that: a companion. You can ride in a world with the companion app, but you can’t use just the companion app, as it is not the actual Zwift application.

As for the sensor connection, I think you should use whichever seems to give you the better connection. I use Apple TV, so I connect via BT directly to the ATV.

But you can use it when not riding to sign up for events, look at your activity feed, organize a meetup, follow others, etc…

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Thanks to both for the info. Just what I was looking for.