Ability to Pair power meter from app

It would be great if I can pair my power meter and select the power meter straight from the mobile link app.

Currently, I have to turn my crank to wake up the power meter, go to the PC and select the Power Meter.

Sometimes I start Zwift, and somehow it is not paired correctly, so I have to get off my bike and pair again.

This all with going on and off the bike, with cleats.

It would be a lot easier if I can do this from the app :slight_smile:

Thanks! #RideOn


Or you could use a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse and have it setup next to or infront of your bike so you can do everything without getting off. I use a mouse and have it right next to my bike so I can do it all without getting off. Most people have setups similar to this. 

I use an app for iPhone called remoteMouse it works really well, I have that running to start up Zwift and go through launching the app, pairing, course selection, then switch ZML on once I’m in the world. Never have to touch the PC.


Teamviewer is another alternative.

I agree with Paul. Blue tooth keyboard is the way to go. Get one with a track ball.


Hi Christian,

This is a limitation of the power sensors, rather than Zwift. If Zwift can’t find your sensors because they aren’t awake, it can’t pair to them.

Tyler - I think you’ve misunderstood. The OP was talking about being able to wake up and pair their sensors using the app without having to use the PC. 

I’m a little lost here. I’ve been using ant+ on my computer. I have the mobile app on my iphone. If I use a new bluetooth power meter (instead of my ant model), I was told it would pick up the signal through the mobile app and register on the computer.

Is that correct or do I need to download the complete zwift program onto my phone. I have to use the computer and screen since i can’t beam from the iphone (like the android can) (iphone can only beam to apple tv, ugh)

I think I could pick up the bluetooth signal from a running pod. However, without the full app, you can’t calibrate. So, back it went.


That is correct you would need to install the Zwift Mobile Link on your phone to bridge the Bluetooth to your PC. You will need to make sure that the PC and the phone are on the same WiFi network. Also make sure that the Bluetooth power meter is not connect to anything other app or device.